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RESTORE (Residential Emergency Services to Offer [Home] Repairs to the Elderly)

Margert Community Corporation serves as a local program administrator of the NYS RESTORE program, for dwelling units located in New York City’s Queens County.

Residential Emergency Services to Offer (Home) Repairs to the Elderly (RESTORE) Program funds may be used to pay for the cost of emergency repairs to eliminate hazardous conditions in homes owned by the elderly when the homeowners cannot afford to make the repairs in a timely fashion. Project selection shall take into consideration the recommendation of the relevant regional economic development council or the Commissioner's determination that the proposed project aligns with the regional strategic priorities of the respective region.

To be eligible for assistance, homeowners must be 60 years of age or older and have a household income that does not exceed 100% of the area median income.

Repair work undertaken cannot exceed $ 10,000 per building, and may only be used to correct severe housing deficiencies, which, in the opinion of Margert Emergency Repair Auditor, threaten the life, health or safety of the elderly homeowner.

Please Note: Grant funds may be subject to recapture if the property is sold, or title transferred, within three years of the award.

Annual funding is extremely limited, and no waiting lists are maintained.

Apply for Margert's RESTORE emergency repair program.